Caravan Water Heater

The Truma Ultrastore water heater is often a popular choice amongst caravanners looking for a brand new or old caravan water heater. The popularity of this detailed product is a lot more than likely due to its usefulness in power sources and cistern size. You’ve the selection of either driven by means of gas for all those caravanners that prefer wild camping or spend the weekend on non-electric sites and not at all or very seldom use caravan parks, or gas/electric switchable for all those caravanners that like to have the most choice of were they spend the nighttime.

No matter how or were you spend the nighttime in the caravan the Truma Ultrastore water heater will provide you with sufficient water for a hot shower in the morning. For both the gas and gas/electric driven caravan water heater Truma has supply a boiler to fit your caravanning wants. The 10L boiler is ideal if you are travelling alone or with one other and don’t want a lot of warm water daily. The 14L option is good if you’re travelling along with the family and you use a great deal of hot water daily.


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